Thanks for breezing by my site. You may be wondering what
wind has to do with inspiration. It started with an old man in
his eighties and a survivor of Auschwitz, giving advice to a
thirty-two year old man, me. After alerting the old man that
Hurricane Andrew was coming, he responded that this could not
compare to his experience in the notorious death camp. At that
exact moment, I gained instant perspective and inspiration!

Millions of people around the world deal with issues and
personal problems every day. Some situations are worse than
other situations. About 95% of issues are not really issues at
all. Think of it like this:

When you are tired of working for your company or boss, you can become angry. As time goes on, you may even start to hate the world you live in. Think of not having a job, like millions of others in the world.

You are behind on mortgage payments or rent. You never seem to have enough money to live on. Consider those who are homeless or sleeping on a friend's couch.

You are stuck in traffic and frustrated, screaming at the other drivers... At least you HAVE a car. Try doing this on a bus!

You have a cold, or worse, a broken arm or leg... Other people have diseases and die sooner than expected.

You are tired of walking all day on the job or from other activities... Then you see a person in a wheelchair.

This book will help you relate to the daily problems we all encounter. It will also provide support and perspectives of religions, philosophers, and luminaries from around the world.

How I met the man that changed my life
Each chapter will have phrases to motivate you from top inspirational-spiritual people and well-known celebrities.

People have faced similar problems for thousands of years. In each chapter, I write about situations that have occurred in my life and refer to The Bible, Torah, and Quran. Most likely, you have encountered similar experiences.

The scriptures validate that we all face the same types of human problems. They also show that all religions convey the same message…love each other and believe in a higher spirit. Your problems will be like a candle in the wind, flickering but then blown out. It is because of the powers above and the deep wisdom behind it all.

This is a way to look at life without judging others. When you are in those situations, just relax for a minute and think about this...

"What's a little wind?"

I hope you enjoy the book and God Bless.

Jon Pirincci