About the Author

With all life experiences and interesting people he's met over the years, Jon Pirincci delivers incredible inspiration to people all around the world. Jon has now recorded the best of these experiences in his new book What's a Little Wind.

Jon will entertain you with his humor and enlighten you with his robust knowledge of centuries of the most famous philosophers, motivational speakers, celebrities and religious scriptures of the world, including The Bible, Torah and Quran.

This little inspirational book contains over 20 incredible and completely true stories about miracles of faith, angels, kismet, health, patriotism, neighbors, greed and spirits.

In What's a Little Wind, Jon will inspire you to:
  • Gain new insights about this incredible, miraculous world we all live in.
  • Make meaningful and dramatic life changes based on fresh perspective.
  • Allow the wind to guide you into believing yourself and staying positive.
  • See how life opens one door and closes another for a reason that will soon be revealed.
Jon started his stand-up comedy career traveling from NY to Miami then LA. He performed his act with some of the top comedians in the country like Jay Leno (he was on the Tonight Show), Andrew Dice Clay and even Bill Gardell from "Molly and Me" with Melissa McCarthy. Jon also performed with many other comics from Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson and many more. One of his highlights was working with Ellen DeGeneres on two Commercials "American Express" and "JC Penney".

He also recently finished shooting the Warner Bros Feature film "Jersey Boys" with Clint Eastwood directing and starring Christopher Walken.

From the Author: "Thank you for breezing through my life story and others. Remember one thing... you never know where The Wind will take you, so keep the sailing of life positive."