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I am "travel cursed." Every time I travel, some disaster befalls me. While in Dallas recently for a Conference, a raging Tornado blew through the city. This was the seventh of 7 travel disasters in a row for me!

During said raging Tornado with storm sirens going off all over the city, I sat in my 23rd floor hotel room reading "What's A Little Wind." Suddenly and without warning, I felt strangely "comforted." The thought went through my mind "...what if all of these travel experiences were trying to teach me something and I just wasn't paying attention?" It was while reading this book of inspirational stories that I suddenly realized "...after all, in the grand scheme of life, what's a little wind..."

- Pam Harbor

This book "Whats a little wind?" has been a wise,written companion to me. It discusses challenges and perceptions we encounter in our everyday lives. Jons personal insights continue to keep me refreshed with reminders in my daily life.

It will provide you with the perspectives and guidance for those times when we all need support.

- Steve Santos
Retired Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist,
Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist,
U.S. Postal Service

"Although I could relate to many of the stories in this book, the one that strikes a chord the most is Chapter 18 "Neighbors".

I have moved 5 times over the last 18 years and am amazed at how people can live next door to each other and never meet. I, like Jon, grew up in Greece NY, we had a small home and yard. Every night all the kids would be out in the street playing kickball or riding bikes until dark. Some cities I lived in I had great neighbors, but others not so great. As we progressed to bigger homes and yards, it seemed the neighbors became less friendly.

Thanks to Jon's book and my own experiences, my goal is to try to reach out and connect to as many as possible.You never know when you will need each other!".

This book will definitely help everyone that reads it.

- Tina Murphy
Personal friend since 1973

I can relate to many of the stories in this book! What's a Little Wind, is an inspirational read with an amazing hint of love and humor. This book has restored my faith and the belief that anything is possible.

- U. Healing
Engineer at NASA

What's a Little Wind is a profound, uplifting and easy read. This wonderful book lead me to re-evaluate my priorities and live life to the fullest! This book has re-shaped my perspective, giving me a new sense of motivation for my many projects and clients. I've recommended it to all of my family & friends.

- Amy J. Long
Wyndham Worldwide Hotels & Resorts

In all honesty, my mother loaned me this warm and vibrant book a few days after it was published. She said. 'Read this Ken"! I ignored the book until a hurricane was actually headed right for us! Just a few days ago Hurricane Author became big news! By Friday June 30, 2014 Beaufort County, North Carolina had become big news. Thanks to What's a Little Wind, I remained rational and optimistic! i will never take any of my blessings for granted.

- Kenneth Glover
Senior Accountant

The Heavenly Dog, touched my heart! I am an avid loved of animals, and dogs especially! Our dogs love us unconditionally! They feel our happiness, your disappointment and our grief. They love us no matter what! What great and uplifting book Jon Pirincci has written!

- Monique DuPont
Electronics Technician